Jessa was only 24 weeks pregnant when blood pressure issues meant her son had to be delivered months before his due date. Jessa and Ty traveled two hours from their home in Bethel, Missouri, to Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Columbia. Matthew was born via c-section weighing just 1 pound, 9 ounces.

Matthew would need to spend almost three months in the NICU, and Jessa and Ty wanted to be close to him. Your support meant they could stay at the Ronald McDonald House right by Matthew during the biggest challenge of his life.

“I can’t imagine what our experience would have looked like without the Ronald McDonald House,” Jessa said. “Traveling four hours round trip from our home every day, especially when I was still healing from my c-section, would not have been an option.”

Your gifts meant Jessa and Ty were just steps away from Matthew whenever he needed them. They were able to spend more time with him, interact with his doctors and make important decisions about his care.

The House provided more than just a room, it provided comfort and support. “We met many families that had also delivered babies early,” Jessa said. “We shared our struggles and burdens, and in spite of them we also laughed together.”

The House truly became their home away from home. After a long day at the hospital, they would come back very tired, and they appreciated the home cooked meals. “Because of the volunteers who cooked and cleaned, I had more time to be with my son, to rest and to heal,” Jessa said.

“To everyone who donates and makes this House possible, I want to say thank you! This House is such a blessing, and we are grateful it was there when we needed it.”

Because of you, parents like Ty and Jessa can be close by when their children need them the most.