Help Give Families a Taste of Home

Our House is a home for up to 18 hungry families.

After a long day spent at the hospital or appointments, coming back to a home cooked meal is greatly appreciated.  When you provide a meal, you get to experience the togetherness of our House and the thankfulness of our families.

We have dinner opportunities 365 days a year, brunch on the weekends and holidays, as well as opportunities for smaller groups to come in during the day and prepare casseroles and/or cookies for us to freeze and use at a later date. 

Here is how it works:

STEP 1: Look over the guidelines.

Weekend Brunches should be ready by 10:30 am and Dinner by 6:00 pm (Meals can be prepared earlier upon request).

The maximum group size is 10 people. Children are able to help as long as adults are present throughout the meal preparation.

Please bring all the food needed for the meal. We have two ovens and standard kitchen supplies that you would have in your own kitchen (pans, cookie sheets, bowls, mixer, cooking utensils, etc.). We also have all the necessary dishes to serve your food. Some groups like to bring disposable pans to save time when cleaning up. If you wish to bring extra food or House supplies, you can check out our Wish List.

We have no food restrictions so groups can provide any menu of choice. You can also use the meal calendar to see what is being cooked the days before your group is signed up to help. While our families appreciate any meal, spaghetti and tacos are popular so we encourage other choices if possible.

We typically have a full house of 18 families, which is an average of about 40 individuals per meal.

All meals must be prepared in a commercial kitchen, therefore must be either cooked at the Ronald McDonald House or catered in from a grocery store or restaurant.

A staff member will be available to answer questions and assist with anything your group needs. We’re also happy to give your group a quick tour of the House if you’d like!

Yes, we are always in need of canned and dry goods, individual snack items, as well as basic everyday household items. We have a Wish List available with our most needed items.

STEP 2: Pick your date(s)

To sign-up for a meal, look at the calendar below and see if there are any open dates that fit your schedule. Use the form below to submit your request, and we will confirm your request within 2-3 business days. You can sign up for one meal, or sign up to cook on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis!



Step 3: Sign up

Provide a Meal
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Feel free to email or call the House at (573) 443-7666.

We are grateful for your support and are happy to answer any questions you have.

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Other Opportunities

Sign-up to pack sack lunches for “Lunch on the House.”

Each Friday morning from 10 -11 am, we need a group of 6-8 volunteers to assemble sack lunches in the Ronald McDonald House kitchen. “Lunch on the House” provides families in the neonatal and pediatric units of MU Children’s Hospital with a complimentary lunch.

Sign up for Lunch on the House

Sign-up to prepare meals we can freeze.

You can also sign-up to come and cook casseroles, lasagnas, soups, or cookies for us to freeze and use at a later date (when we’re short on food or if a meal provider has to cancel). This opportunity is available on weekdays between 11 am and 2 pm. Groups of up to 6 people bring the ingredients and the helping hands. Please email to sign-up for a date!

Sign-up for our “On-Call List.”

Simply leave your name and email if you would like to be contacted when we are in need of a meal provider.

On-Call List

A Special Thank You

A very special THANK YOU to Veterans United Foundation for their support of the family meal program! A grant from Veterans United helps offset the cost of purchasing food when we have no meal provider or when our pantry is low.

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