An Idea is Born

Kim Hill - first RMH

Fred Hill, a father of a child with leukemia and Philadelphia Eagles football player, along with his wife Fran, prompted the efforts of an NFL team, the local children’s hospital, the McDonald’s restaurant chain and the citizens of Philadelphia to build the first Ronald McDonald House.


Friends of K.I.D.S., Inc. is established

Friends of K.I.D.S. is established

Friends of K.I.D.S., Inc. was established by representatives of Neo-Fight, Candlelighters and local McDonald’s Owner/Operators to pursue the opening of a Ronald McDonald House in Columbia.

May 21, 1983

The First Ronald McDonald House Opens

First House Opens

After a fundraising drive, Columbia’s first Ronald McDonald House opened at the corner of Stadium and Monk Drive.


Expansion Plans Begin

Old bedroom at the RMH

After serving 2,000 families, the Board of Directors began expansion plans for the House, increasing the number of bedrooms from 10 to 14.


MU Women’s & Children’s Hospital Opens

Womens and Children's Hospital

MU Women’s and Children’s Hospital opened at their current location on Keene Street, prompting RMHC to accelerate efforts to build a new House within walking distance of the hospital.


Construction begins on the new house

Ronald McDonald employees at the ground breaking of the house

Construction began on the new Ronald McDonald House located at 3501 Lansing Avenue.

October 30, 2013

The new Ronald McDonald House Opens

RMH Mid Mo exterior

The new House, which features 18 guest rooms all with private bath facilities, opens. Since that time, we have served thousands of kids and their families.

March 2017

Happy Wheels Hospitality Cart begins making the rounds

Happy Wheels Cart - Sue Little: Snack Cart Volunteer

The Happy Wheels Hospitality Cart begins traveling the halls of MU’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital. It serves necessity items, snacks and fun activities to over 10,000 people annually.

May 10, 2019

Lunch on the House begins

Lunch on the House first delivery

Complimentary sack lunches are served every Friday to families in the neonatal and pediatric units at MU’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital.