Our Relationship with McDonald’s

Globally, McDonald’s has been the RMHC Founding Mission Partner from the day the first Ronald McDonald House opened in 1974.

Our local McDonald’s restaurants wholeheartedly support our Mid-Missouri chapter. Owner/operators regularly provide financial, volunteer, and in-kind product support. These individuals also serve on our Board of Directors and steering committees and are advocates for our cause.

Donation Boxes and Round-Up for RMHC

When thousands of people drop change in donation boxes or Round-Up to the nearest dollar for RMHC at local McDonald’s restaurants, those coins add up and have the power to change a child’s life. Over $75,000 is collected in mid-Missouri annually to help provide a home away from home for families with sick or injured children.

Each year on October 15th, we celebrate the RMHC Day of Change, which commemorates the opening of the very first Ronald McDonald House. Help us celebrate by dropping your change in a donation box or Round-Up for RMHC at a local McDonald’s on October 15th, or any day throughout the year.


For every pound of fries and every happy meal local McDonald’s restaurants sell, they donate a penny to the House. This adds up to thousands each year. Thank you McDonald’s!